Black Jack Track

Frequently Asked Questions



1.  Do I need an AAU and USATF card to run in meets? 

Yes. Each athlete is required to have an AAU and/or USATF card to participate in all sanctioned events. To obtain a membership please go to or


2.  Where do I find a Track & Field meet schedule and results? 

A Track & Field schedule can be found on the homepage under schedule and results tab. 


3.  How do I register for events? 

Go to and search for the event.


4.  When are High School students athletes allowed to participate in AAU or USATF Track Clubs or events? 

Students are eligible to participate after there high school track season.


5.  How old does my child have to be in order to participate in an AAU or USATF Track Club? 

Children compete from the age of 5-18 in their perspective age group in   AAU and USATF.


6.  How long is the summer Track & Field season?

The season begin 1st week in May and end the 1st week of August depending upon if your child advances to the AAU  or USATF National Competition.


7.  Does your AAU and/or USATF membership card automatically allow you to participate in Track & Field meets? 

AAU and/or UASTF membership cards do not automatically allow you to compete.  There is a separate meet entry fee for track & field tournaments.


8.  What is the purpose of an AAU and/or USATF membership card? 

AAU and/or USATF membership is required by Athletes, Coaches, and Official.  This membership is mandatory as it provides insurance to the participating athletes and affiliates.  This membership is required for all sanctioned and qualifying meets hosted by AAU and/or USATF and its Affiliates.


9.   Are AAU and USATF memberships the same? 

AAU and USATF are two different associations.  You will need a membership for each to participate in their perspective event


10.  How many AAU District meets may I compete in? 

You may run in as many AAU District meets as you like. 


11.  How many National Qualifiers may I compete in? 

You may only run in one AAU National Qualifier.


12. Do I have to participate in the District meet in order to participate in the National Qualifier? 

Yes.  Every athlete must participate in a District meet as this is an AAU required event.


13. Does the USATF season start and stop at the same time as AAU Track & Field Season?

The USATF and AAU Track and Field season runs simultaneously.  


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