Black-Jack Track in collaboration with Ohio AAU is more than just winning a race, or setting new records. It’s about developing character and providing self-esteem in our youth.  Our positive philosophy is designed to bring out the best in each athlete regardless of age.

Communication and priority setting are integral to our organization and to an athletes’ success.  We work with clubs, youth and parents to establish appropriate priorities for track and field, school and family life.

Track and field may not be everything to everyone, however competitive track and field can be an extremely valuable part of a young person’s life. The focus, self-motivation and sportsmanship that result from disciplined training
carries through to all aspects of life.  Not every child can be a world-class athlete, but every athlete can be a world class person.



                    DeCarlo M. Blackwell

                   Columbus, OH

                   (614) 805-9713

Christopher Jackson

Lima, OH

(419) 371-6198


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